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Phasmophobia is a full version game that you can download by direct link. Phasmophobia was released worldwide on Sep 18, 2020.


Phasmophobia PC Game Overview

In the four-player online cooperative indie and simulation game Phasmophobia, you and your fellow paranormal investigators will explore haunted places teeming with ghostly activity to acquire as much paranormal evidence as possible. Utilising your ghost-hunting gear, you will look for and document any proof of a haunting to provide to a ghost eradication company. Alternatively, as time passes, you may walk inside and get your hands dirty in the more aggressive ghostly activity. Alternatively, you may help your crew by monitoring the scene from the truck’s safety using CCTV cameras and motion sensors.

Phasmophobia Game Features:

  • Immersion: Minimal user interfaces, realistic images, and realistic noises all work together to create an entirely immersive experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Cross-platform: Phasmophobia allows you to play the game with friends who own VR devices and those who don’t, regardless of whether they have VR.
  • Co-op multiplayer: In this cooperative horror game, where you may play with up to four others, cooperation is essential to success.
  • Special Ghosts: Because there are over ten distinct kinds of ghosts, each with its characteristics, no two investigations are identical.
  • Examine: To locate hints and compile as much paranormal evidence as possible, use well-known ghost-hunting tools like Spirit Boxes, Thermometers, EMF Readers, and Night Vision Cameras.
  • Complete Speech Recognition: Spirits are keeping an ear out! Speaking with the ghosts using your voice when utilising a Spirit Box for an EVP session or Ouija Board.



How To Download & Install Resident Evil 4

  • To download the game, simply click the button below.
  • Copy the link and paste it into a new tab.
  • Let the download start now, and then wait for it to complete.
  • Right-click the zip file once the game has finished downloading.
  • Use Winrar to unzip this file.
  • To launch the exe installer, double-click within the game folder.
  • Enjoy yourself and play! Run the game as an administrator.

System Requirements

  • OS = Windows 10 64Bit.
  • CPU = Intel Core i5-4590 or better.
  • GPU = NVIDIA GTX 970.
  • RAM = 8 GB.
  • HDD = 13 GB.
  • Additional Notes = Sound/DirectX 11/Internet.

Phasmophobia Game Free Download

Click the Download Button below to start the game downloading. This is the full version packed game. If you want to play this game without any glitches, Don’t forget to run the game as an Administrator.
Game Size: 10.4 GB

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